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Our XRF analyzers units are offered in a range of configurations, each geared toward applications in specific industries. Below is a breakdown of features for each unit as well as a listing of the industries each unit is best suite. For detailed information on any of these units as they apply to your particular industry, please complete our contact form or give us a call.

Elva ProSpector

Industries: Ferrous and Nonferrous Alloy Sorting, RoHS, WEEE and Proposition 65 Compliance Testing, Lead Determination in Paint, Toys, Furniture and Clothing, Soil and Sediments Analysis, Mining and Geology, Art and Archeology.
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New EDXRF Handheld System

  • Measureable range Cl- U with capability to measure to Mg
  • Choice of Configurations
  • Also available as a Light element measurement system
  • SDD and Filter pkg available
  • Au or Ag target tube options
  • Easy to use

Elva Gold

Industries: Precise metal concentrations in complex alloys. Precious metals analysis, dental alloys analysis. WEEE/RoHS compliance testing and screening of regulated elements (Pb, Hg, Cr, Cd, Br). Mining and ore analysis. Environmental, soil & sediment analysis. Petrochemical, cement analysis. C in steel alloy.

  • A compact Energy- Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) spectrometer
  • Ideally suited for qualitative and quantitative analysis of metal alloys and other solids, liquids and powders
  • Detectable range of Na(11) to U (92)
  • Accuracy better than 0.3% when measuring metal concentrations in alloys.

ElvaX Art

Industries: Specifically designed for the Art industry, this system is typically used for Painting Authentication, Investigation of Cultural Heritage, Art Restoration, Ceramic Items, Archeology & Archeometry, and Metals and Alloy Analysis
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  • This custom system is only manufactured upon request
  • Measureable range Cl – U, Mg – U with optional LE pkg
  • Available with a Si-Pin or SDD option
  • Tube types available
  • TFT LCD screen size is 5”, 10x magnification
  • Call for more information

Elva Mobile

Industries: Indispensable for testing Soil, Petrochemicals, and any other applications where the testing of liquids and powders on site is required.
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  • Cabinet type XRF system uses same PDA as the Prospector
  • Measureable range Cl- U with capability to measure to Mg (SDD)
  • Also compatable with the ElvaX software package for use with a desktop or laptop computer
  • Perfect system for field use where a handheld system won't do the trick


Industries: RoHS & WEEE, Jewelry, Metallurgy, Environmental Monitoring, Customs and Criminalist Expertise, Archaeological Studies, Chemical Industry, Oil-Refining Industry, Geology and Mineralogy, Food Industry, Scientific Research
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  • Measureable Range Cl – U
  • Dual Measurement Conditions with filter option
  • State of the art desktop x-ray fluorescent analyzer
  • Si-pin detector resolution (165 eV at 5.9 keV (Mn Ka line))
  • SDD Option available (145 ev)
  • Accurate to <0.3% for metal alloys
  • Detection threshold down to ppm range for most elements in a light matrix
  • Windows 7 compatible, Simple single screen operation
  • Available with 8 position multiple sample carousel
  • Available in the Industrial Chamber size allowing measurement of large parts

Elva Jewelry Lab

Industries: Designed for the highly accurate analysis of precious metals and jewelry. Also capable of detecting coatings and nonstandard alloys.

  • Intuitive interface can work autonomously as well as connected to a PC.
  • Compact. Doesn’t occupy much space on a counter.
  • Ergonomic design with a LED lighting looks very good in a jewelry shop.
  • Transparent lid – sample can always be seen by customer.
  • Customer display – sample’s weight and chemical composition are seen by customer during measurement

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